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What to expect at your consultation

About you nutrition consultation. Before your first appointment you will be sent a questionnaire and a food diary to complete and return prior to us meeting.

At your first consultation we will use the questionnaire as a basis for our conversation as we investigate your medical history, family history, current symptoms, any medications taken and look at your current diet and lifestyle and also discuss your aims and what you want to get out of our sessions.

We will work together to create a personalised plan for you based on dietary changes, lifestyle suggestions and supplementation where needed.  You will receive this plan and any supporting resources within 2 working days of your consultation.

Follow up appointments will then be scheduled in at intervals we agree on together and are often around 4 weeks later but shorter interim support sessions can be arranged by calling and booking.

The follow up session will be to go through any test results we may have run and to discuss how you are getting on with the plan and make any changes to ensure you able to achieve your health goals.

Usually multiple follow up sessions are required which is why the value package is offered below.  The number needed will vary from person to person but around 4 is most common.

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Online consultations

All nutrition consultations are now carried out online via Zoom, but other platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp can be used where needed.

The online consultations enable to you to be in the comfort of your own home where you can feel more relaxed and without the inconvenience of travelling elsewhere.

All you need is a reasonable internet connection and somewhere you can chat openly and freely with as few interruptions as possible.

functional testing

Functional testing

On some occasions we might agree that running further tests will allow us to understand more about the health issue you are dealing with.

We will work alongside your GP or any other medical professional and use the tests available on the NHS where possible. However, if a deeper understanding is required we can also use private functional laboratory tests to really understand the root cause of your issues rather than just addressing the symptoms and drive a more specific and personalised programme for you.


Initial consultations

Duration : 75 minutes

This first consultation is about understanding your goals, what’s happening now, and your history, discussing options for your plan and any functional testing that may support your programme in achieving your aims.

Programme to be sent out following your consultation.

Fee : £150

Follow Up consultations

Duration : 45 minutes

The first follow up is usually around 3 to 4 weeks after your initial consultation.  The aim of these is to monitor your progress against the plan, follow up on any test results, and adapt the programme to further support your health goals.

Most people have more than one follow up session spread over time.

Fee : £90

Consultation Package

1 initial and 4 follow ups

A package offering great value on the most common number of consultations needed to see the full benefit. This package will include 1 initial consultation for 75 minutes and 4 follow up appointments of up to 45 minutes each.

The time between each one will depend on what works best for you. 

Fee : £460


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