folic acid added to bread

Should Folic Acid be added to Flour?

At the end of September the UK Government announced that folic acid is to be added to UK flour in a bid to help prevent spinal birth defects including spina bifida in babies in a process called fortification.  It is estimated that by adding folic acid to non-wholemeal wheat flour and products made with flour such as bread it will help prevent around 200 neural tube defects every year which is around 20% of the total number. Fortifying foods is nothing new in the UK, and since the Second World War flour has been fortified with calcium, iron, niacin, and
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sustainable weight loss

Top Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss

Sustainable weight loss is definitely the key to losing weight in a healthy way.  There are many diets out there touted at helping you lose weight, and while they will often work in the short term you nearly always end up putting the weight back on and often more.  For sustained support in losing weight for the long term in a balanced way that won’t leave you feeling like you’re missing out you will benefit greatly from seeing a nutritionist or nutritional therapist.  As a nutritionist in Nottingham I see many clients for weight loss and help them with the
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immunity nutrition

How to Boost your Immunity

Knowing how you can boost your immunity is so important for your health. As restrictions in the UK start to ease it is more important than ever to keep our immune system working well to help us in preventing catching viruses such as Covid-19 or supporting our bodies in coping should we catch it.  Keeping our immunity working optimally is not only important for Covid-19 prevention and protection but for other viruses too such as the common cold or flu especially as children go back to schools and more and more people start heading back to work, the shops and
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Nutrition labelling

Nutrition Labelling – what does it all mean?

Nutrition labelling on food are designed to be there to help you choose between products and let you know how much fat, salt, or sugar you might be consuming.  They can help us make healthier food choices and eat a more balanced diet if we know what we’re looking for. All prepacked food is required to display a label by law.  The nutritional information is displayed among a host of other mandatory information including: Name of the food List of ingredients Allergen information Quantitative declaration of ingredients (QUID) – the percentage of particular ingredients contained in Net quantity Storage conditions
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