Corporate Wellness And Why It's Important

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The wellbeing of our people has never been so important with everyone under constant pressure to deliver with one study by perkbox showing that 54% of lost working days in the UK were due to stress related issues.  Whether in an office, at another place of work or working from home, over a third of our time is spent at work and we consume up to 60% of our daily food whilst we’re there.  So what we eat while we work can really impact our health, wellbeing and productivity!

How do corporate wellness programmes work?

Not only does the information passed on to your teams and colleagues directly impact their health and wellbeing by empowering them to make better choices and take control of their own health and wellness but through showing you are investing in them too helps boost overall morale and engagement.

The corporate wellness programmes have the potential to lower health care costs, increase productivity and energy levels, reduce amount of time off and raise morale for your company.

Examples Of Available Options

All sessions can be delivered online

Every corporate wellness programme is bespoke to you and your team based on your individual needs in order to be able to deliver the best results.

I can educate and inspire your employees to make positive changes to their work related diet and lifestyle resulting in benefits for both them and you.

Please get in touch through the contact page to discuss details of what can be delivered to match your requirements.

Some examples of of the packages that can be delivered are:

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Interactive and engaging group workshops designed to inspire and empower everyone to make some simple lifestyle changes and discover ways of making their meals more nourishing whilst understanding the restraints of time and the work environment. Everyone will leave full of enthusiasm and inspired to try the recipes and make the changes detailed in their takeaway material.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

1 hour bite-size sessions based around specific topics such as increasing energy levels throughout the day, food to support brain function, support around stress etc. which can be on topics most relevant to you employees.

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Having spent almost 20 years working in offices and seeing first-hand how hard it can be to balance work and health, how my diet and lifestyle impacted my own health and wellbeing and that by making some simple changes I could improve my concentration, energy, and productivity.  You could do this for your teams too.

There are more options available so get in touch to find out more.


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