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Whatever it is you’re looking for help with to do with blood sugar or diabetes  then I am here to help you.  

Whether you’re looking for advice and support on symptoms, you want to know how to avoid getting diabetes, or you want to know how you can support your prediabetes and type 2 diabetes with diet and lifestyle changes then you’ve come to the right place.

Whatever your situation or budget there will be something to help inform, empower and inspire you to make the changes to support a healthier life.

Firstly you can take a look at the FREE Facebook community with content, support and ideas to help you get started.

Free eBook to Kick Your Cravings

Free Cravings Book

If you’re looking for help with your diabetes or want more energy and better health and are trying to eat healthier but can’t get past the cravings then download this FREE eBook now to give you all the tips you need.

Work With Me

If you feel that you want a more personalised approach to the support you need then get in touch.

I will help you understand what’s going on, get to the root of your symptoms, and offer you a tailored plan just for you along with giving you all the coaching and support you might need to make any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Everyone is different, and some people are really good at taking direction and then implementing everything they need to do on their own. 

Other people (like me!) need more accountability and support and that’s where the 121 packages come in offering you all the support you need.

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Workplace Wellbeing Support

Having been a part of large corporate workforces for most of my adult life I understand the pressure on people and teams and I know that health and wellbeing isn’t always top of everyone’s priorities. However, a healthier healthy team is great for the employees themselves but also improves productivity for you business and leads to fewer sick days.

I can help educate and inspire your team to make positive changes to support their own personal health and wellbeing for the benefit of all.

I have already worked with many companies large and small across the UK on their workplace wellbeing programmes so get in touch for a copy of my brochure and to discuss the best options for you and your team.

What People Say

Helen was absolutely fantastic! My consultation has left me feeling really listened to and like there really is hope for me and I don’t have to live with my symptoms. Helen really cares and wants to help. She makes sure to explain everything and gives you all the information you might need to takeaway. I couldn’t recommend Helen highly enough, she is a great nutritionist.
Mandy S
For anyone looking for REAL help with losing weight I can’t recommend Helen enough. She is really knowledgeable, caring, friendly and I felt like I could talk to her easily without being judged. Since working with Helen I have managed to lose weight and it’s stayed off, I don’t feel like I’m missing out, and my quality of life is better than I could have ever imagined it would be
Paula M
Helen really knows her stuff and taught me how making certain changes to my diet and lifestyle can help and I have seen amazing results! My blood sugar numbers have come down, I've lost weight and I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend Helen to anyone that wants long lasting results from easy to follow healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes.
Dan C


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