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Helen Jane - Qualified Nutritionist

Nutritionist Derby: I am a qualified and professional Nutritional Therapist which is all about helping people achieve their best level of health through dietary and lifestyle advice. 

I always looks at people as an individual and never takes a one size fits all approach. I look at the root cause of any condition and symptoms you may have rather than just trying to address the symptoms. It’s all about understanding you as an individual and creating a plan that is personalised to supporting you and you alone.

As an in demand Derby nutritionist I have spent a lot of time training in biochemistry, understanding how all the different body systems work and how they are all interlinked.  Did you know that so many of the symptoms you might feel can be linked back to your gut?  That’s because research has shown direct links between your gut and your hormones, your gut and the brain, and 70% of our immune system is in our gut.

If you are struggling with a health condition, want to lose weight or want to simply improve your health and are looking for a Nutritionist in Derby or Derbyshire then get in touch with me now to arrange a free 20 minute call to understand how Nutritional Therapy can help you.

As I work online I am not only a nutritionist in Derby but can work with clients across the whole of the UK.

Derby Nutritionist

Derby Nutritionist | Consultations & Packages

WHAT’S INVOLVED: All clients require an initial consultation first which covers your symptoms, family and medical history and current food intake and lifestyle in detail to get to the bottom of what is happening with you.  These sessions last for an hour and fifteen minutes to really allow me to hear you and understand what your struggles are and find the best way to help.  Personalised plans are then created for you and shared with you alongside any appropriate supporting materials. 

You will then have follow up sessions lasting 45 minutes which check in on your progress and adapt your plan accordingly, and may also look at any test results should they have been undertaken and agreed upon in the initial consultation.

All consultations happen online, usually via Zoom but on whatever platform suits you. You can visit About Your Consultation to find out more information.

PAY AS YOU GO: I offers these consultations on a pay as you go basis where you can book in just the initial consultation to start with and then the follow ups as an when you feel necessary.

Initial Consultations are £150 for 75 minutes and Follow Up Consultations are £90 for 45 minutes

PACKAGE 1: This includes 1 initial consultation along with 2 follow up consultations. This package is normally covered in an 8 week period but the timings are bespoke for every client.  You also get, a food diary review, a personalised plan after each consultation, a collection of appropriate handouts, discount on supplements and email support.

Package 1 Pricing: £340

PACKAGE 2: Normally conducted over 12 weeks this package contains everything you get in package 1 but includes an additional three 30 minute consultations as well as extra coaching tools and materials.

Package 2 Pricing: £525

What Are You Looking For A Nutritionist In Derby To Help You With?

I support clients as a Derby Nutritionist across a number of health conditions. So if you have an area you need support in then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me now. My speciality areas are in supporting clients with weight loss or managing type 2 or pre-diabetes but I also supports clients across all the areas above and more.

Weight Loss Nutritionist Derby

I am a specialist Nutritionist in Weight Loss helping many people people in Derby and across the UK to lose weight in a way that lasts. I don’t believe in any fad diets that mean you lose weight quickly but then put it all back on again. I also prefers to take an approach where you don’t end up cutting out all your favourite foods. As well as working with many clients on a 121 basis I have also run successful online group programmes. If you would like to know more about how I can help you with your weight loss journey then please get in touch here

To find out more about the online support groups then follow my Facebook page.  

Type 2 Diabetes Nutritionist Derby

If you struggle with managing your type 2 diabetes or have been told by your doctor that you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes then I can help you. 

I will work with you to help you understand how to balance your blood sugar levels through making changes to your diet and lifestyle so you no longer get any spikes or crashes and you can bring your numbers down.

You don’t necessarily need to give up all the foods you love but I can help you learn how to make some healthier choices and understand the impact different foods can have on your body.  This approach often helps clients lose weight too where that is also an issue.

Free Discovery Call

Deciding to book a consultation can be a little daunting as Nutritional Therapy is new to many people.  To understand whether this is the right option for you I offer every client a free 20 minute discovery call. On this call I will listen to you to understand your challenges, health concerns and goals and I will discuss with you what it will be like working with me and give you a couple of tips to get you started. 

If you think Nutritional Therapy could help you but would like to know more then book a FREE discovery call with me now. These calls are available to everyone as I am not only a Nutritionist Derby but across the whole UK.

Derby Client Testimonials

I have many happy clients across Derby and Derbyshire so if you are looking for help from a Nutritionist Derby then see what other clients have had to say about my services.

"I just wish I'd seen Helen sooner"

I booked in with Helen because I’d recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My blood sugar levels were high and my doctor offered me medication but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do through diet first.  I worked with Helen and within 3 months my numbers had dropped into the pre diabetic range.  She really understood what would work for me, what I could eat and not.  NOt only did it bring my numbers down I have so much more energy and sleep a lot better too.  I just wish I’d seen Helen sooner.

Georgia F, Derby

"I feel better than ever"

I decided to see Helen to help me with my weight.  I’d tried so many diets before including Slimming World and Weight Watchers but they were either really complicated or really restrictive and I just put all the weight back on again afterwards. Helen made it really easy! I never felt like I was missing out but she gave me some great food swaps and the weight came off gradually but it’s stayed off. I now feel better than ever and people comment all the time on how great I look. Thank You!!

Sandra P, Belper

"She really reassured me"

I was looking for a nutritionist in Derby and came across Helen.  She really reassured me on the first call that she would be able to help me, and my digestive symptoms weren’t just something I’d have to live with or end up taking medication for. I saw Helen, did some tests and she explained in detail what was happening in my gut and how some supplements and a change to my diet could help.  After 4 weeks I was already feeling so much better. I didn’t get bloated after every meal any more and I no longer feared going out for dinner worrying about it would do to my stomach. I’m still working with Helen and continue to see progress. I would really recommend Helen to anyone that wants a healthier approach to their problems.

Pamela K, Derby

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