Nutritionist Leeds | Top 5 Reasons To See Helen

There are so many different reasons to see a nutritional therapist in Leeds as everyone has their own individual issues that need support with but these are the top 10 reasons people come to see Helen for help:

  1. Weight Loss – Have you tried every diet going but can’t keep the weight off? Do you find yourself not knowing what to believe? Well Helen can help you lose weight sustainably so it stays off.
  2. Managing T2 or Pre Diabetes – Helen helps clients learn what and when to eat to control their blood sugar levels and even lower them along with other supportive lifestyle changes.
  3. Digestive Issues – If you suffer from IBS, IBD, reflux, bloating, or other symptoms the Helen can help you understand why and give you a plan so you don’t have yo keep living with them.
  4. Low Energy and Tiredness – If you find you wake up every morning tired even if you’ve had a good nights sleep or you can’t get through the afternoon with coffee or chocolate then Helen can help you.
  5. Migraines and Headaches – Food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies can often lie at the root of your headaches or migraines and Helen can help you address these and look at other underlying issues
Leeds Nutritionist

What Happens When You See Helen?

Helen starts off by offering all clients a FREE 20 minute discovery call. This call allows Helen to listen to you and understand what your main issues are and the goals you want to achieve. You will also learn more about what it’s like to work with Helen and how Nutritional Therapy can help you.

INITIAL CONSULTATIONS: All clients then have an initial consultation which lasts over an hour (75 minutes) and is a deep dive into your symptoms, medical and family history, a look at your current dietary intake as well as other lifestyle factors.  You will then discuss with Helen what changes you will be able to make and Helen will provide you with a personalised plan of dietary and lifestyle recommendations.  Price: £200

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS: These are 45 minutes each and are a way to check in and see how you have been getting, what have you enjoyed and what have you struggled with in your plan. How have your symptoms improved and has anything else changed since the previous appointment.  You will then get an updated plan taking all this into consideration sent to you after the consultation.  Price £120 

Packages are also available with combinations of appointments and additional resources and support. Prices start from £390.

Qualified Nutritionist Leeds

Helen qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) with a distinction in her diploma.

The 3 years of study included biochemistry – learning in detail how all the body systems work and how they are all interconnected. Then how these systems and the conditions associated can be supported through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

Throughout the study Helen spent over 200 hours in clinical practice observing and practicing in implementing the knowledge into real life situations with real clients.

Helen now keeps up with the latest research through her continual proffesional development which is also a condition of the preoffessional  bodies she belongs to (BANT and ANP).

Qualified Nutritionist Leeds

Location - Nutritionist Leeds

Leeds Nutritionist FAQ's

Prices start from £150 for and initial consultation and £90 for a follow up appointment.  She also offers packages including one for 1 initial consultation and 2 follow ups for £340 and another for 1 initial, 2 x 45 minute follow ups and 3 x 30 minute follow ups for £525. Alongside the appointments you get additional resources and support and supplement discounts.

Can can help people with a variety of conditions including digestive health concerns such as IBS, bloating and reflux, women’s health and menopause, thyroid issues, headaches and migraines, tiredness and fatigue, and more. For details on all the conditions Helen can help with click here.

Helen carries out all her consultations online and so she can not only see clients from Leeds but from all across the UK.  Consultations are carried out via Zoom and allow you to have your appointment from the comfort of your own home.

As a fully qualified nutritionist Helen knows that you cannot achieve your best health with diet alone. OF course it plays a big role but it is not the only factor, and that’s why Helen incorporates recommendations around stress, sleep, exercise and other lifestyle factors to help support every client.