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Helen is a fully qualified and BANT registered nutritionist in Leicester.  She spent 3 years getting a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

Nutrition isn’t always what Helen has done though.  Her journey started when leading a very typical life working in an office with a sedentary job, eating a very standard diet, enjoying drinks with friends at weekends and not doing much exercise. In her mid 30’s this lifestyle caught up with her. She thought that feeling tired every morning was normal, needing chocolate to make it through the afternoon was just what you did, but when the increased anxiety and heart palpitations started she knew she needed to do something differently. 

Helen was offered medication for her heart but she asked if she could try and manage it through making some lifestyle changes, and she’s so glad she did. Through her own research she was able to get rid of her symptoms completely, and it was this research that ignited a passion in nutrition and led to studying for her diploma.

She continues to keep up to date with all the latest research and now uses her knowledge and clinical practice to help clients throughout Leicester and beyond to manage their conditions and find a way back to better health.

If you would like Helen to help you like she has herself then please get in touch.

What To Expect From A Consultation

The consultation process always starts with a FREE 20 minute call.  This is a great way to start before you have to commit. This allows you to understand the process and how it can help you whilst Helen can hear from you about your health concerns, struggles, and future goals.

Once you are working with Helen you will begin with an initial consultation. These sessions are 75 minutes long and take a real deep dive into your current health concerns and symptoms, your diet and lifestyle and family and medical history. 

Following your initial consultation you will then be given a personalised plan created just for you to help you achieve your goals, you will also get any resources and handouts to help you on your journey.

Follow up consultations which last 45 minutes are then scheduled in at intervals to suit you with the first one usually being around 4 weeks after the initial.

Initial consultations are £200 and Follow Ups are £120.

Packages are available with multiple follow ups and prices for these start from £390

Nutritional Therapist Leicester

What Can Helen Help With?

As a Nutritionist Leicester I helps clients across Leicestershire and the UK with a variety of different conditions. Whilst I focuses on weight loss and type 2 and prediabetes my training and clinical practice means I am able to support people across a number of areas. I can help you if you need support with any of the following:

Menopause, Gut Health, Thyroid health, Arthritis, Skin Conditions, IBS, Fatigue, Migraines, Anxiety, Sleep and more.

To find out more about prediabetes, type 2 diabetes or if you are worried about it you can find out more on my diabetes symptoms page here.

For more detail on other conditions I can help you with you can visit the supported conditions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helen is a nutritionist in Leicester and all surrounding areas as well as across the whole UK. All of Helens consultations are online and so there is no limitation based on location as all consultations can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Seeing a nutritionist will help you get to the root cause of what is going on within your body to help you take back control of your helath conditions. You get plenty of time with Helen and will be listened to and included in the decisions around the best plan to help you back to better health. Nutritional Therapy is based on science and research and so will always use proven dietary and lifestyle interventions to support you.

There are so many great places to eat in Leicester. Some Helens favourite healthier eats in Leicester include:

  • Herb – 96 Granby Street, LE1 1DJ
  • Healthy Louisa – 63 Belgrave Gate, LE1 3HR
  • Spice Bazaar – 326 Welford Road, LE2 6EH
  • Grounded Kitchen – 50 Queens Road, LE2 1TU

Exercise is always important, whether looking to lose weight or just for a healthier lifestyle overall. It doesn’t always have to be big workouts, or lifting weights at the gym. Often just moving more throughout the day and getting out and walking can see real benefits. If you are looking for support and gyms, swimming or programmes then Active Nottingham have a great range of offerings.

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