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  • Nutritionist Manchester. Helen offers nutrition consultations across Manchester and the UK online
  • Helen is a qualified Nutritionist with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College on Naturopathic Medicine (CNM)
  • Helen is also registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)
  • All consultations are conducted online and so can be accessed across all areas of Manchester and the UK without leaving our own home
  • Helen always looks to understand the root cause of your health concerns rather than simply addressing the symptoms
  • Helen always applies a food first approach looking to dietary and lifestyle changes before recommending any supplements 
  • Further testing available through private labs enabling a deeper understanding of what is happening within the body
  • Helen understands that every person is unique and that a one size fits all approach does not work so you will get a plan tailored specifically to you

121 Consultations

All consultations are now conducted online so cover all areas of Manchester and beyond.

Before your initial consultation you will be sent a questionnaire and food diary to complete and return.


We will use the questionnaire as the basis for the consultation having in depth conversations about your family and medical history, your symptoms and your current dietary and lifestyle habits. We will work together to understand your health goals and aims and what changes will be achievable for you. We will also use this time to discuss any testing that can help to gain a better understanding of what is currently going on. 

£200 for 75 minutes



 These are often 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. They are used to review the results of any testing and create a new plan accordingly.  They are also a great way to see how you are getting on and understand what challenges you may be facing and how we can adapt the plan to keep driving you further along your journey to your better health.

£120 for 45 mins

Nutritionist Manchester Online

Supported Health Conditions

        • Women’s Health
        • Menopause
        • Thyroid Health
        • Stress
        • Hormones
        • Sleep
        • Diabetes and Pre-diabetes
        • Autoimmune conditions
      • Skin conditions
      • Weight Loss
      • Cardiovascular Health
      • Sports Nutrition
      • Pregnancy and Fertility
      • Digestive Health
      • Mental Health
      • and many more…

Workplace Wellness

The wellbeing of our teams and colleagues has never been more important.  By supporting your workforce you can increase productivity, engagement and reduce sick days.  Support is offered to businesses across Manchester in a number of ways to help their employees understand the importance of nutrition and lifestyle choices and the impacts they have on how they feel, they’re energy levels and their happiness. These are principals that will help them both in their work and home life.

Corporate Wellness packages offered include:

Bespoke talks

Lunch and Learn session

Wellness Workshops

What People Are Saying

“Seeing Helen is the best thing I ‘ve done. I’ve struggled with my gut health for years and had no luck with the doctors. We did some really detailed testing that Helen was able to explain to me in a way that made sense and then gave me a really clear plan that was easy to follow and took into account the foods I did and didn’t like. My symptoms have really improved and some have disappeared  altogether after only a couple of months.  I see more improvements after each consultation. I just wish I’d seen her sooner!”

Mandy P – Salford, Manchester

“I’ve tried so many diets over the years and joined all the clubs but nothing ever worked for long.  Helen’s knowledge of how your diet affects your body and what you should be doing instead is amazing.  She cleared up so many myths that I’d believed for years and made me realise I could still enjoy food and lose weight.  There was no counting calories or points and so far I have lost 1 stone in 2 months and I know I’ve done it in a way that will stay off this time.  Thank you Helen.”

Sylvia G – Didsbury, Manchester

” I was told by the doctor I had pre-diabetes and so I knew I needed to get help with my diet before it progressed. Helen explained how I could balance my blood sugar and helped me understand which foods have a big impact on my glucose levels.  With her help my blood glucose have actually dropped which is more than I was expecting before met with Helen. I highly recommend anyone with any health issues they’re not happy with to seek Helen’s help.

Pam T – Altrincham, Manchester


What areas of Manchester does Helen cover?

As a Nutritionist Manchester, Helen covers all areas of Manchester including: Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, Manchester and Salford.

All consultations are conducted online so Helen is accessible as a nutritionist in Manchester and across the whole of the UK

Can a nutritionist help businesses with their employee wellbeing?

Not all Nutritionists are able to support businesses in this way. Helen has a lot of experience working with businesses across Manchester and the UK with their corporate wellness programmes. Having spent many years working in office environments and managing teams she understands how important good employee health and wellness is.

Where do you recommend to eat healthily in Manchester?

 As a Nutritionist Manchester offers lots of great places to pick up a healthy meal.  You don’t always have to eat healthily if you go out, but remember it’s about balance and so make sure you make a bit more effort to eat well if you have been out for a big meal.  Some of the top healthy places to eat are: 

Vertigo – Plant Based Eatery. Cross Street, Manchester, M2 7AE

The Allotment Vegan Eatery. Lloyd Street, Manchester, M2 5WA

Remedy Kitchen. Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester, M2 7EA

Can a nutritionist help you lose weight?

Losing weight can be really tough and there are so many fad diets and myths out there that just don’t work in the long term.

With a nutritionist the consultation process will help them understand you and what the cause of the weight gain may be as there are often many contributing factors.  Your nutritionist will then create a tailored plan just for you. Helen has helped many people in Manchester with their nutrition plans to help them lose weight sustainably and keep it off.

How do I choose a Manchester nutritionist?

It’s important to look for a qualified and registered nutritionist and there are a number of qualified Manchester nutritionists.

Look for a nutritionist with a diploma or a degree and who is registered with a governing body such as BANT or ANP.  Helen is a qualified nutritionist Manchester, with a diploma from CNM which required studying for 3 years and is registered with ANP.

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