The word ‘nutritionist’ is not a protected title and so anybody can call themselves a nutritionist without any training or qualifications.  There are registered nutritionists though will have spent time studying for a qualification and often work in of research and education.  So always look for the qualifications and registered governing bodies a nutritionist belongs to before taking any advice.

A dietician will generally be found working within the NHS and they are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.  A dietician will use science nutrition to create eating plans to help treat certain medical conditions.

A nutritional therapist will have studied for a recognised qualification also enabling them to be registered with a governing body.  Nutritional Therapists tend to work privately with clients and will consider every individual to be unique and make personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach which says everyone with the same condition should have the same plan.  Nutritional Therapists will work alongside medical professionals and share any nutritional programmes where needed.

Please refer to the About your Consultation page for more detailed information

Testing can often help get to the root cause of your symptoms. There are many tests that can be carried out for free by the NHS and others which are done privately and so cost extra.  No testing will be done unless we agree it is necessary in your particular case and with a detailed discussion first into what’s involved and what to expect.

In a lot of cases either no testing is required or the free tests via the NHS will suffice.

I always work with you and alongside the work of your GP. I will always ask your permission to contact the GP if we feel it is necessary and if through our discussions I feel there is something that requires further investigation I will ask you to go to your GP to discuss this with them.  All medications your are on are taken into consideration when creating your personalised plan.

I always take a food first approach and try and make all the recommendations based around diet and lifestyle changes. Sometimes, supplements can be very useful though if there is a nutritional deficiency and sometimes they will be needed at the start of a plan to boost levels up until the dietary changes take effect.

Everyone is individual and will need a different number of sessions. Some people see enough of a change after just one initial consultation and one follow up while others are seen ongoing with regular follow ups on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.  The average is normally 1 initial and 4 follow ups, especially if there is testing involved.

It also normally takes around three to six months to see the difference you are looking for but can take longer for more complex cases and I will always aim to do this in the minimal number of consultations required.

Your individual plan will also be designed for you to start seeing some more immediate impact whilst working on the longer term goals.

Please refer to the About your Consultation page for more detailed information 


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